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25.05.2012  11.00 h - TaTÀ Theatre - Taranto

Teatro Crest

The Lamb

by Francesco Ghiaccio

with Catia Caramia, Gaetano Colella, Roberto Marinelli, Damiano Nirchio, Maria Pascale
stage set and light design by Michelangelo Campanale
stage elements by Pancrazio De Padova
costumes by Cristina Bari
motion management Maristella Tanzi
technical manager Carlotta Tagliente
video Altre Visioni
directed by Gaetano Colella

A lamb inside a stable: it can’t wait to be sacrificed. It is its destiny, it knows it and it is happy about it. Each human being has his own destiny, and the lamb’s destiny is to be sacrificed to God. Yet, the stable where it lives is haunted by strange shadows of an unknown world and apparently they want to tell him something. Firstly curious and then more and more deranged, the lamb feels that these shadows want him to desist from accomplishing his desired gesture. The clearer and clearer visions turn out to be men and women who, when sacrificing themselves to God, lost all their belongings in return of despair and death. The joyous determination of the lamb gives way to indecisiveness and for the first time it questions itself on the meaning that its life could have without that sacrifice. Above all, it questions itself on the issue that tortures it the most: "Who did convince me that sacrifice was my only chance?"